Compass Group’s number one priority as New Zealand’s leading food services organization is Health & Safety. From overseeing food safety to ensuring all the products and services we supply are fit for purpose, our safety team are the best in setting these standards that keep everyone safe. With Health and safety as our number priority, we strive to achieve Zero Harm by fostering a culture of safety where everyone is responsible and accountable for their own safety and keeping each other safe at work.

Compass Group has recently launched ‘See Care Share’, a global safety programme for leaders across our organisation. This programme is facilitated by our Compass Asia Pacific Safety Leader and drives a strong culture and consistent practise across our safety culture framework, leadership principles, and Zero Harm mindset, including initiatives like safety walks and personal safety plans. Through the practise of ‘See Care Share’ , our safety culture framework focuses on positive behaviours that when demonstrated by everyone including leaders will create a positive safety environment in which work.  A key component of this framework is engaging with teams though informal sessions. These interactions are focused on prompting conversations on the tasks being undertaken, the working environment, as well as with individual colleagues. these interactions intend to sharpen an individual’s focus, so they remain mindful of the job at hand, consider risk and address complacency.

As we continue to roll out this programme in New Zealand and across the globe, we take one step closer to achieving a Zero harm culture.

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