We bring employees together to share delicious, well balanced food at thousands of companies around the world.

We work closely with every client to ensure we meet their unique needs on price, on choice and on the delivery of a great dining experience.

We understand the needs of Business & Industry and the increased pressure our clients are under to provide great food and exciting dining experiences that are cost effective. We believe we can support our clients in achieving this, thereby unlocking the full value of outsourcing their food services.

We combine the benefits of our scale, our ability to design, bespoke menus and the passion of our people to deliver engaging experiences for our clients’ employees. From their first morning coffee to a late evening snack and every meal in between. Efficiently, safely and cost effectively.


We can also help clients beyond food with a range of hospitality-led services including events, reception services, office cleaning, light maintenance, grounds and gardens and even security services in some countries. We can create a cost effective outsourced services solution – bundling these services where appropriate.