With our Safety First Culture as the foundation of all that we do, we deliver healthy, nutritious food as well as lifestyle and support services – whatever the operating environment and no matter how extreme and remote.

Over forty years of experience in the sector assures our clients of our technical and operational experience in the village design, construction and operating phase of any project.

This experience and proven competence, our commitment to health and safety and our ability to effectively mobilise at any time and with very short notice, have earned us an outstanding reputation for providing fully integrated food and support services for clients across the world.

We are leaders in these markets because we deliver on our commitments.

We are experts in Remote Mining & Construction Camps, Offshore Fixed and Mobile, and Defence Bases.

With our depth of experience and our commitment to always doing the right thing, we are the market leader in providing food and support services to companies in the mining, oil & gas and construction industries. For our defence sector clients, we are a partner that runs efficient operations outside areas of conflict.  


Our services provide support in every aspect of daily life in facilities that offer a home away from home environment. Our consumers need a nutritious meal, a clean room, freshly laundered work wear and quality recreation facilities. By meeting their needs and expectations, we help create a harmonious and safe environment for everyone – anywhere around the world.


Whether it is a single service or a fully integrated multi-service solution, our industry-leading model has processes that underpin our delivery. Our ability to adapt and meet our clients’ and consumers’ needs, using a tried and tested solution, has seen us remain the market leader in this sector. We bring consistency and excellence in execution to every client location.