We have a passion for great food and great service.

We create inspiring dining solutions that deliver the full benefit of outsourced food services, combining our global strength with passionate local teams.

Every client has unique food demands. We meet them with warm hospitality, excellent service, and flair at every type and size of location. Our scale enables us to offer this at the lowest cost.

We do it because we love food and how it brings people together to share great times. It’s what motivates all of us at Compass to deliver the best and most efficient food service for every client consistently, ethically and sustainably. We are always working on finding the freshest, most innovative ideas, leaning on the expertise of our great chefs who share our passion.

We don’t stand still; new ranges and seasonal dishes are added throughout the year. Each one of our menus is considered for its nutritional value and contribution to a healthy balanced diet. Finally, our approach is sustainable as we are committed to responsible sourcing practices across our global network of local supply chain partners.