As we continue to meet our amazing team, let us meet one of our star managers – Theresa Sattler who leads the operations at our B&I site based in New Plymouth.

Theresa always leads from the front and has been successfully managing her site through these challenging times. With the restrictions in place for other offices to remain closed, Theresa’s site was in overtime due to increase in master chefs at home increasing the demand for production of ingredients. Theresa was up to the challenge, working tirelessly and ensuring that she took care of the operations but her staff as well. Retail sales peaked during this period and she supported the client for delivering lunches each week to the entire factory for a period of four weeks which took tremendous planning, execution and hard work. Theresa believes in ethics & ownership and the same reflects in her results.

Let us see what Theresa has to say, “I recently took on the role as site manager and knew this role would bring new challenges, some exciting and some less than exciting. Through my years as a cook, I gained valuable experience in coping with pressure, keeping calm and developing the ability to carry on when circumstances were highly challenging or unforeseen. I found you had the choice of accepting the challenge and learning from it and its mistakes, or you declined the opportunity.

Covid19 has not been a great experience for humanity and has occurred so quickly but I commend my team for pulling up their sleeves and getting stuck in when they could have quite easily opted not to with the daily challenges of deliveries and the hectic changing schedules we had to overcome.

The great support from health and safety team, ministry of health and my manager were highly valued, as too was the understanding of our customers during the lockdown. Our focus stayed firm providing our client and customers with their daily needs and a caring attitude because after all we were all in it together. I personally wouldn’t change being part of the frontline team during these challenging times as it has showed me that during such times regardless of who we are or what we do, we all share a common goal which is to support one another through such times.

I hope we can all find the positive things through challenging times to stay happy and safe. “

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