As we all adjust to the new normal and having to continue working in this new environment or returning to work safely, there is a great sense of worry for one’s own safety. As an organisation, Compass Group always puts their employee’s safety first and remains our top priority globally.

Compass Group Asia Pacific is proud to introduce a new program to successfully help manage the safe return to enjoying food in the workplace called “SafeSphere”.

“One of the biggest barriers to employees return to work is employee anxiety, with research showing 44% reporting feeling anxious about the prospect of going back to work because of the health risks posed by Covid-19 to them and those close to them. Nearly half of employees are concerned that their employers will bring them back to work before it’s safe. The same number worry about the future of the company they work for and their job specifically” says Mark van Dyck, Regional Managing Director of Compass Group Asia Pacific.

This trademarked framework, developed in association with fourteen independent health, safety and audit specialists across the region offers assurance on the safety of all interactions with food in the work environment.  It uses an operating model with a set of certifiable standards which are used in addition to the set minimum standards in place for operations.

SafeSphere is divided into key four areas:

  1. Human Health & Hygiene
  2. Healthy Spaces & Places
  3. Food Reimagined
  4. Digital Touch

Solutions under these areas address key anxieties consumers are feeling related to eating outside of their homes, including around social distancing, the hygiene and health of people preparing food and the spaces it is consumed in.

How are we implementing this in New Zealand to support clients & consumers?

“In New Zealand SafeSphere is being introduced to all sites to ensure all our operating sites have adjusted their processes to meet our SafeSphere minimum standards, plus all sites which have temporarily closed recently, will be SafeSphere audited and certified prior to re-opening” says Simon Lipscombe Managing Director of Compass Group New Zealand.

As experts in food solutions, we do not just build food experiences for our customers but we ensure that their safety is a top priority as well!

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