By pursuing a passion for wellbeing and nutrition, we help our consumers and employees adopt a more balanced lifestyle.

As a global food service company, we recognise that we have an enormous impact on what our 20+ million consumers choose to eat and drink. We make a positive contribution to their diet and nutrition and we are proud of the role we play in promoting the benefits of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, particularly, as in some of the markets where we operate, the food we provide may be the only nutritious meal eaten by our consumers that day.

We help our clients to deliver improved employee performance and satisfaction, encouraging client retention in our business.

We drive our health and wellbeing strategy through:

Better Nutrition Choices

According to the Global Nutrition Report 2018, obesity among adults across the globe is at record levels, and is increasing fastest among adolescents. We are in a privileged position to help consumers to make better nutritional choices, reducing their consumption of salt, fat and sugar, increasing their fruit and vegetable intake and eating smaller portions, all without compromising on quality or taste.

Mental Health

We believe that protecting the mental health of employees should be a priority for all responsible businesses. Our goal is to provide supportive and understanding work environments for our people and our local communities, helping them to identify and address stress and depression.

Healthy Lifestyle

We are dedicated to helping our consumers and employees adopt a balanced diet and make achievable lifestyle changes.