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Medirest provides specialist food, hospitality and support services to residents and patients in hospitals and senior living facilities throughout New Zealand. As a global leader we intimately understand this market and are trusted to deliver world-class service to many residences, healthcare groups and hospitals.

Medirest recognises the importance of providing a flexible, individually tailored local service to meet the specialist needs of our clients. This is why we are at the forefront of industry innovation, constantly evolving and refining our healthcare offer.


Medirest provides specialist food, hospitality and support services to residents and patients in hospitals and senior living facilities throughout New Zealand. Our aim is to excel in the key areas of resident and patient satisfaction, quality and nutrition, health and safety, with cost effective strategies that reinforce our commitment to our clients.

We are passionate about the healthcare business and are committed to ensuring your residents and patients are well nourished, well cared for, valued and safe. We recognise the importance of providing a flexible, individually tailored local service to meet your specialist needs. Medirest offers a holistic solution for our clients, their teams, residents and families. We achieve this by providing consistent, industry leading, sustainable and affordable services.

We are at the forefront of industry innovation, constantly evolving and refining our healthcare offer. Innovations such as Steamplicity, our patented system of steam cooking restaurant quality, fresh, hot meals, have revolutionised patient, staff and visitor feeding, offering a greater choice of nutritious meals, delivered to order whether on the ward or in a retail setting. Medirest has brought this same commitment to innovation to the introduction of convenience outlets and coffee shops which have created exciting retail opportunities for hospital visitors.

Our understanding and experience of the specific demands of this sector, especially in the areas of health and safety and hygiene, have enabled us to build a market-leading capability in a range of support services including cleaning, housekeeping, linen and laundry, reception and security.

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Medirest is the largest provider of support and food services to the hospital and senior living industry, operating throughout New Zealand. We have grown to become the most trusted provider of these services because of our extensive experience in all facets of the industry.

Senior Living

Medirest is aware that food service in the Senior Living industry is a specialist and constantly evolving environment. Medirest’s cyclic menus are developed in consultation with residents, relatives and facility staff to ensure preferences, expectations and cultural requirements are met.Menus are reviewed seasonally using this collaborative process which ensures continued variety with minimum repetition. We are mindful of the fact that meal times are often the highlight of the day for a majority of residents and therefore the menus must be appropriate, interesting and offer a variety of foods. Once the menu items have been agreed upon, the menus are reviewed by Medirest’s dietitian to ensure they meet with the nutritional guidelines and requirements.

We are conscious of the increasing number of residents who require some form of texture modification, the special needs of residents with dementia and the changing demands of the residents in extra service. Medirest are working on further advances in Texture modification of meals which will bring further enhancements to our services.

Independent Living

Medirest supports a number of our Senior Living clients with the provision of services to their Independent Living residents. Services include retail cafés, functions, cleaning and linen services.

Patient Meals

Medirest understands the importance of providing high quality, nutritious food every day. Medirest pride ourselves on providing meals that taste great and are presented in a manner that is appealing to the eye.

We understand that meals are an integral part of a patient’s treatment. Consumption of nutritious and appetising meals can facilitate recovery and improve well-being. Our range of tailored meal service solutions provide flexibility to meet varying patient dietary requirements.  All hospital and health care facilities meal services are developed under the guidance of registered dietitians to ensure the diverse requirements of each setting are fully catered for.


steamplicity-logoWe have developed Steamplicity, an internationally renowned meal preparation system designed to improve the quality of food and service standards in residential care, senior living and community settings. Medirest our specialist healthcare food service operating brand widely use Steamplicity for in-patient, day-stay and meals on wheels. 

Steamplicity maintains the freshness and flavour of food while giving you greater choice and flexibility at mealtimes.

Steamplicity meals are cooked to perfection in just 3 to 5 minutes using a unique patented valve system that uses steam pressure to perfectly cook fresh ingredients.

This means the ingredients retain their natural flavour making the meals more delicious and more nutritious. Best of all they are cooked fresh when you want them.

The steam-cook method is recognised by nutritionists, dietitians and healthcare professionals as one of the healthiest ways to prepare food.

Steamplicity provides freshly cooked appetising meals directly to patients, visitors and staff in minutes:

  • Great meals which appeal to all tastes
  • Enjoyable, visually attractive, tasty food
  • Cooked within minutes of you being ready to eat your meal
  • Over 20 menu choice ensures you never get bored
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes approved by accredited practicing dietitians
  • Consistent quality every time
  • The highest quality ingredients provided by selected suppliers who must conform to strict quality standards.
Click Here for more information about Steamplicity.

Hospital Retail

Cafés bring together staff, patients and visitors from numerous backgrounds and form a key space most obviously for food and beverage consumption but equally socialisation and relaxation. Enhancing the ‘café experience’ for the hospital’s community is of the highest priority to Medirest.

Medirest’s retail offer in hospitals many include all or a combination of:

  • High quality branded café offer, such as DeliMarche.
  • Staff and visitor restaurant, offering a wide choice of freshly cooked main meals,
  • Steamplicity (see above) meals, healthy choices, branded concepts and grab-and-go selections.
  • Branded convenience stores such as DeliMarche that provide consumers with a convenient grab-and-go food choice supported with a range of convenience items.
  • A range of beverage and snack vending machines that offer a 24-hour service, important in a 24/7 environment such as healthcare sites.

We have established a reputation for having innovative solutions and taking our clients’ foodservice operations to the next level. In addition to our design and marketing concepts, our Executive Chefs and Dietitians offer a range of signature menus to complement the most discerning palate.

Meals on Wheels

Medirest understands the importance of providing high quality, nutritious food. We have therefore developed Steamplicity (see above) as a unique and innovative way to provide meals to Meals on Wheels clients.

Steamplicity has been traditionally used in the hospital and aged care sectors and Medirest is proud to now offer Steamplicity meals to Meals on Wheels clients.

Support Services

In addition to providing patient, staff and visitor meals, Medirest delivers a comprehensive range of support services tailored to our individual clients’ needs. Medirest applies our industry leading service model to the provision of these services.

Our model is based on self-performing specific services so, wherever possible, the people who provide the service work directly for us. This also gives us the flexibility to train our teams to be multi-skilled, delivering additional services, improving efficiency and potentially reducing the number of third party suppliers. In specialist areas we will work either with existing client suppliers or with approved third party suppliers who work to our health and safety, service and quality standards.

We have developed innovative hospital cleaning programs such as A+ working with leading-edge technologies ensuring hospitals are cleaned and maintained to the highest expected medical standards.

Medirest offers our healthcare clients peace of mind by providing the following support services:

  • Cleaning
  • Facilities management
  • Help-desk
  • Linen and laundry
  • Mail distribution
  • Materials management
  • Pest control
  • Reception
  • Security and access control
  • Waste and environmental management
  • Wards services
  • Dietetic support
  • Garden and grounds maintenance

Why Partner with Medirest

Our clients benefit from the knowledge that Medirest is the largest provider of food services and support services to hospitals and the senior living industry, operating throughout New Zealand. Medirest is a valued partner because of our unique understanding of the key success factors facing healthcare service providers and we develop and deliver innovative solutions to meet those challenges.

Our aim is to excel in the key areas of patient and resident satisfaction, quality and nutrition, with cost effective strategies that reinforce our commitment to our clients.

Medirest is the market leader because:

  • We specialise in healthcare services and our management team includes healthcare specialists. Our onsite management, regional and national teams, comprise individuals who are experts in their field and specialists in Medirest’s services.
  • Our values influence everything we do: from strategic planning to each patient encounter, we want to be recognised for our commitment to care for residents and patients and our long-term commitment to our clients.
  • Our programs and systems have been proven throughout New Zealand, and in over 30 countries where Medirest delivers services.
  • We are in the unique position of being able to share experiences and solutions in best practice from around the world.
  • We offer our employees leading edge training and development, career opportunities and reward and recognition programs, ensuring we attract the best people.
For more information on how Medirest can help you with your catering and support services needs, please contact us via the details below:

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