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ESS Support Services Worldwide provides vital workplace support for people working in some of the most hostile and demanding terrains in the world.


ESS Support Services Worldwide (ESS) leads the market in providing food sevices and support services to major companies operating in the oil and gas, mining and construction industries and to the defence sector.

In the defence, remote and offshore sectors we provide vital workplace support for every aspect of daily community life in large-scale accommodation centres, or ‘villages’ which are ‘home’ to thousands of workers for whom a hot nutritious meal, a clean bed, freshly laundered work wear and quality recreation are essential comforts – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Forty plus years of experience in this sector assures you of the technical and operational experience in the design, construction and operating phase of any project. This experience and proven competence, our commitment to health and safety and ability to effectively mobilise at any time and very short notice, have earned us an enviable reputation for providing fully integrated food and support services for global clients with workers around the world.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of workers globally rely on us to meet these needs.

To our defence sector clients we are a partner who understands the strategic challenges of running efficient and cost-effective operations for members of the armed forces.

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ESS delivers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your requirements and suited to your operating philosophy. Drawing on our expertise, experience and innovation, we work with you from mobilisation of a new project and the management of on-site facilities, to providing high quality food service and creating a healthy lifestyle environment for your workplace.

Whether it is a single service or a fully integrated multi-service solution you need, the industry-leading service model and processes that underpin their delivery have been developed and tested by us working with some of the world’s leading organisations in some of the most challenging environments.

Our model is based on self-performing specific services so, wherever possible, the people who provide the service work directly for us. In specialist areas we will work either with existing client suppliers or with approved third party suppliers who work to our health and safety, service and quality standards.

Services Summary

Accommodation Management
In-room Entertainment Systems
Reception Services

Crib Room Services
Dry cleaning/ Personal Laundry Services
Industrial and On-site Cleaning
Janitorial Services
Rig, Camp and ‘Village’ Cleaning
Commercial Laundry Services

Health & Wellbeing 
Day-care Management
Health and Lifestyle Coordinators
Library Service
Nutrition Management
Sport and Recreation Management

Crib Room Foodservice
Dining Room Restaurant Foodservice
Food Courts
Function Foodservice
Retail Foodservice
Retail Outlet Management
Bar and Tavern Management

Security & Emergency Services
Emergency Response
Fire and Protective Services
First Aid Service / Paramedics

Business Services
Banking Facilities
Mailroom Services
Equipment Hire Service

Logistics & Transport
Supply and Logistics, including Warehousing and Distribution Management
Transportation and Travel Services
Airport/ Helipad Management
Baggage Handling Services

Facility Management Services
Asset Management
Licensed Property Management
‘Village’ Services Management
Third Party Services Management
Utilities Management
Waste Management
Environment and Recycling Services

Building Operations Maintenance
Maintenance and Handyman Services

Gardening & Grounds Maintenance
Pest Control

Design & Build 
Logistics and Installation
Project Management
Structure and Facility Design


ESS defence clients work with us as a support services provider who understands the strategic challenges of running efficient and effective facilities and operations.

Millions of meals and rations are delivered through first-class dining facilities and mess halls and to troops training in the field, along with logistical and hospitality services to thousands of military and civilian personnel.

Our grounds maintenance staff maintain thousands of hectares of defence estate, including environmentally sensitive areas.

Our security services watch over high and medium level security facilities.

We manage vehicle fleets that include cars, buses, fire engines, ambulances and a wide variety of specialist vehicles.

Other specialised services  we perform for defence clients include the management of armouries, reprographics, warehousing, cinemas, gym and sporting facilities.


ESS has the proven capability and experience to deliver continuous, uninterrupted support to your project whether it is pipe laying, subsea construction, drilling platforms or on-board production vessels.

You’ll find us supporting operations around Australia and New Zealand’s coastlines, providing services on fixed production platforms, floating storage offtake (FSO) and floating production storage offtake (FPSO) facilities, mobile offshore drilling rigs, both jack-up production platforms and construction and pipe-laying barges.

We deliver a comprehensive range of services that incorporates everything from the initial design of your facility and project management, to full operational support services such as foodservice (including galley design), housekeeping, accommodation management, logistics, helideck operations and laundry services.

With our global presence we can provide support to our clients’ operations in all regions, providing continuity in service and operational support on fixed platforms or on vessels or mobile drilling units travelling the globe.


Large-scale accommodation centres for thousands of workers are a cross between a very large hotel or resort facility and a small town or village. They have all the amenities to manage day in day out and all the aspects of community life to consider for people who are often a long way from home and rotating in and out.

We have unrivalled experience in this field, with ESS being the market leader in Australia’s remote mining and construction industry, as well as at locations within New Zealand. We are on the ground working with clients on day one, from designing the facilities and project managing the set-up to bringing sites on line, on budget, on time.

We make every aspect of ‘village life’ run smoothly for the comfort and safety of the workers on site:

  • when they board a plane
  • welcoming them on the first day they arrive in camp
  • making the bed they get in
  • running the shuttle bus that takes them to work
  • serving the food they eat for dinner
  • arranging their gyms classes and other recreational activities
  • all the infrastructure that sits behind this.

For the workers, it’s a home away from home. For our clients, it’s an efficient, well-run, tightly cost managed camp, working to its optimum.

Village Life

village-life-logo-colourThe concept of Village Life is centered on how we use smart design to develop and explore concepts that foster motivation, innovation and inspiration to buy, enjoy and explore. The Village Life design concept showcases an intimate understanding of the typical working community in a remote or regional onshore site.  The facilities and the design create distinction with a service offer that is fresh, exciting, innovative and reflects current and emerging needs and trends.

  • Village Life is a solution that drives satisfaction and creates a community that is welcomed and talked about
  • Innovative ideas, services, product offers and design solutions that are simple and unique
  • Village Life will be enhanced by creating memorable experiences that are modelled to create variety, excitement and satisfaction
  • Our ideas will be in front of trends and apply innovative thinking to ensure the solution is right for the long term
The Village Life solution comprises four elements:

  • Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail
  • Sport and Recreation

Why partner with ESS

What makes ESS the first choice for clients? It is more than:

  • just the scope of our services and global reach in more than 50 countries
  • simply being able to focus on their core business without being distracted by ours
  • being able to rely on our proven technical and logistical competence
  • our absolute commitment to putting health and safety first in everything we do
  • the ability to effectively mobilise contracts, making the complex seem simple.

It’s all of the above, plus the knowledge that wherever your people are in the world, no-one goes further to take care of them than we do.

Having world-class processes and practices is one thing. However, it is the commitment to innovation and the skills and dedication of our people to deliver to the highest level every day that we believe makes the real difference.

For the increasing number of clients looking for a single service provider to maximise efficiency, we are able to provide a ‘total solution’ with:

  • a single point of contact
  • single accountability
  • a single contracting relationship
  • one consistent high service standard.
For more information on how ESS can help you with your catering and support services needs, please contact us via the details below:

Compass Group New Zealand
P: (649) 525 1093