International Women’s Day this year brought about many interesting conversations as we celebrated this occasion across the organization. With this year’s theme #Eachforequal, we heard different perspectives from our operation teams right up to the executive leadership team and what this meant for them in daily life.

While the IWD theme is specifically focused on gender balance, at Compass, we believe #EachforEqual has a wider application. We have Compass colleagues, both men and women who juggle a demanding career with a family; who support their partners to ensure effective balance within the family and try to find time for themselves. However, a common theme that emerged through all of these conversations was providing equal opportunities where everyone is presented with with the same opportunities whether it be at home, work or elsewhere.

At Compass, on a daily basis we strive to provide equal opportunities from a career perspective all the way to helping our employees achieve a good work life balance. Our leadership believe in approaching every situation in a non biased manner such that the opportunity at hand is equal for all. Our managing director, Simon Lipscombe believes that our individual differences should be celebrated and embraced to help create better outcomes for the organization.

And finally, none of the occasions at Compass Group are complete without having special food around which meant most of our cafes & sites had IWD themed food prepared especially for our customers. If you have not been to one of our cafes on IWD then do not miss out next time!

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