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Supporting Our Community

We feel that supporting the communities in which we operate is a crucial part of our corporate responsibility. On top of this, we genuinely believe in the causes we support!


Compass Group NZ is pleased to enjoy a partnership with CanTeen as the Compass Group NZ charity of choice.

CanTeen supports young people aged 13-24 living with cancer as a patient, sibling or bereaved sibling. CanTeen is based on the belief that young people, through meeting and talking with one another are better able to cope with the uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis.

CanTeen operates as a national peer support network through 13 regional branches. It provides a range of professional educational and recreational activities and leadership opportunities for members to share experiences, promote understanding, wellbeing and have fun! The partnership has immense value for both CanTeen and our company.

The benefits for our Company are:

  • Demonstrates our links with the community we serve
  • Builds our reputation as a values driven company
  • Demonstrates our people focus

The benefits for CanTeen:

  • Fundraising
  • Raising of CanTeen’s profile through our site network
  • Support e.g. catering services for events, teaching young people how to cook, or some of our people may choose to volunteer their services in some way.

Together we use our vision of great people, great service, great results to also benefit our wider community via our partnership with CanTeen.


The Crank

The Crank is a 12 hour fat burning, adrenaline pumping, quad ripping, exhilarating RPM® cycling event. Since the inaugural event in 2012, Compass Group employees have participated in this spectacular, mass exercise event.

Bandanna Challenge

As part of the annual Bandanna Challenge all sites are offered the chance to sell CanTeen bandannas. Staff can also get involved within their region selling bandannas in the local shopping/high foot traffic areas areas.

United for a Cause Annual dinner

Compass Group has supported this annual fundraising event for the last 3 years. Key note speakers of recent years have included Daniel Carter and Maria Tutaia.

Christmas cards

As part of our Christmas communication to our clients we have purchased and used CanTeen Christmas cards that are designed by their members.