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Compass 360°

Everything we do to meet our responsibility as a world class company is branded Compass Group 360°. Everyone, every day, everywhere doing their part to help save our resources, communities and environment by providing our clients and our guests with opportunity for a healthy diet and lifestyle, and doing the right thing in our working lives.

Compass Group’s 360° platform is built upon four tenets:

  1. Wellness & Nutrition
    Healthy eating is good for the economy, society and individual well-being.
  2. Environment & Sustainability
    We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by addressing climate change, carbon emissions and waste management.
  3. Compass in the Community
    Our community investment program has helped thousands to reach their potential in education, employment and social inclusion.
  4. Our People
    Investing in the development of our people is essential for innovation and employee satisfaction.

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Environment & Sustainability


Compass Group in New Zealand is committed to maintain and enhance where possible a productive, safe and healthy environment. This commitment extends also to the prevention of pollution as well as ensuring that the company’s operations make the most efficient use of natural resources and energy, and that our impact on the environment is either minimal or positive.

We are a holder of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification for all our sites in New Zealand. This globally recognised accreditation indicates that Compass is using a management system that is of the highest level; therefore effectively m

As part of our annual Balanced Scorecard Audit process, all of our sites are audited against environmental standards, and results are reported on at the highest level within our organisation.

We commit to responsible and sustainable practices in our delivery model and supply chain by participating in the following program:

Trim Trax

trim-trax-logo-rgbThe environmental impact of food waste is a growing issue. As part of our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, Trim Trax is a food wastage reduction program developed by Compass Group to effectively minimise the environmental impacts associated with food waste.

Trim Trax is a green initiative in which food waste is accurately measured and reported to provide a source of data to make changes to minimising wastage in the future.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Food waste is diverted from landfill, minimising methane production
  • Compass Group and our clients reduce our carbon footprints
  • The program fits with our carbon footprint tool and quarterly resources consumption reports
  • The program encourages environmental awareness amongst our staff and our clients
  • Cost of disposing of the waste in landfill is reduced.

Nutrition & Wellness

Compass Group (New Zealand) recognises the large part we play in the food and drinks choices made by the thousands of consumers that we serve every day, and the responsibility we have in making ensuring they can make informed choices about diet and nutrition.

We know that poor eating habits have a direct relationship to overall health and wellbeing, as well as an impact on issues such as academic attainment, patient recovery and workplace productivity – all important matters for our clients in the respective sectors.

We employ in-house dietitians to ensure our respective sectors’ menu planning, labelling and product promotion are: safe, nutritious and balanced, and suit the lifestyle and taste of our consumers.

We have also developed several specialised culinary and health and wellbeing programs that can be adapted to the needs of each client and/or site.

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tastelife-logoTastelife is our health and lifestyle program. This award-winning program is aimed at educating people about good nutrition and leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Tastelife program has been developed by dietitians, exercise physiologists, sports dieticians and Activelife coaches. Through each of the modules of the program, these lifestyle specialists work with the employees of our clients to encourage educated decisions about diet and overall wellbeing. As the leading provider of contracted food services, we introduced this program to represent our commitment to enhancing our food and service offer to our clients.

The Tastelife program comprises three modules: Nutritiouslife, Activelife and  Healthylife that can be implemented as standalone programs or as a suite of services.


activelife-logoActivelife is part of Compass Group’s health and lifestyle program, Tastelife.

This award winning program is aimed at educating people about good nutrition and leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Activelife focuses on the physical aspects of the body. The Activelife program is a holistic approach to reducing employee absenteeism, increasing employee retention and productivity, increasing social interaction, reducing injury claim costs and decreasing antisocial issues. Activelife provides information and education on physical activity, encouraging our customers to make informed decisions.


healthylife-logoHealthylife is part of Compass Groups’ health and lifestyle program known as Tastelife.

This award-winning program is aimed at teaching people about good nutrition and leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthylife becomes the identity for specific programs available to clients on a fee for service basis.

Our clients are now able to pick and choose particular programs to improve the health, lifestyle and fitness according to the specific needs of their workforce. When combined with the Nutritiouslife healthy eating initiatives within the Tastelife program, we ensure a healthy, happy and productive workforce resulting in lasting positive effect on the individual and the workplace.



Nutritiouslife is part of Compass Group’s health and lifestyle program known as Tastelife.

This award-winning program is aimed at educating people about good nutrition and leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Nutritiouslife focuses on moderation and variety and on providing options and education to help our customers make wise food choices.

The program has a nutritional rating system, portion plates, consumer collateral providing insight on trends, topical issues and recommendations and monthly promotions.

Supported by a team of qualified dieticians, Nutritiouslife  is targeted at the business and industry, education, defence and healthcare sectors of our business.

When combined with Activelife or Healthylife packages within the Tastelife program, we ensure a healthy, happy and productive workforce and community in addition long lasting, positive effects on the individual and the workplace.


DietCare is our complete package of resources specific to assisted care residents, to ensure the nutritional needs of  residents are met, and help them to reduce the risk of diet related diseases.

Meeting the nutritional needs of our residents is key to providing a quality food service. Unique to Medirest, DietCare provides a complete program of resources specific to senior living residents to ensure nutritional needs are met.

DietCare looks at the food service process from preparation in the kitchen through to meal consumption consisting of three main components:

  • Dietetic standards
    This includes how we cater for residents requiring specialised diets.  For example, high energy high protein diets, diabetic diets and those requiring thickened fluids.
  • Diet order and diet review standards
    This involves the review of current diet ordering processes onsite and the implementation, if necessary, of DietCare forms and procedures.
  • Menu, Recipe and Service Standards
    This includes menu planning standards, menu templates and standard serve sizes.

How does DietCare benefit our clients?

  • Facilitates a smooth flow of information from the care staff to the food service staff.
  • Closes the loop in terms of a resident’s diet, changes to a diet and monitoring the consumption of the food itself.
  • Assists to identify any weight loss/malnutrition issues via the monitoring of food consumption.
  • Ensures residents with specific dietary requirements (i.e. diabetics, texture modified diets) receive the appropriate foods.
  • Complies with the Aged Care Accreditation Standards.
  • Standardised approach enables nutritional content of meals and snacks is available.
  • Integrated dietetic and food service systems and protocols.

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Corporate Governance & Ethics

Our ongoing success relies on building and maintaining positive relationships with our clients and consumers, colleagues and shareholders but also with our business partners, government and
non-government organisations, suppliers and the wider communities in which we work.

We are committed to setting the highest standards for responsible business practice which is underpinned by a global framework of policies and measures and is implicit in our vision and values, our Code of Ethics and Compass Group PLC Code of Business Conduct.