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Our People

Our people are key to the success of our business. The food and support service industry is intensely competitive and we believe that our position as market leader stems from the contribution our employees make to our business.

Reliable, dedicated and professional, our employees are provided with opportunities and recognition – the result is high levels of performance, the highest retention rate in the industry and the best reputation.

We understand that the quality of effective and ongoing training is pivotal to the achievement of successful service delivery. We value the training and development of our people to achieve and maintain a high standard of job competence and personal satisfaction.

Training programs are delivered with a focus on enhancing skills, knowledge and attributes in line with the needs of each client. Behind any successful on site team is an experienced and equally dedicated management structure, providing support and guidance.

Our founding ethos

At Compass Group our company ethos is developed on a number of elements:

  • Our Vision: What we aspire to be
  • Our Values: What we believe in and guide our actions.
  • Our Mission: What we as a business and our people do each day to achieve our vision
  • Our Guiding Principles: These define the ‘check list’ for our decision making

The actual values, mission and guiding principles all build upon our vision ‘To be a world-class provider of contract foodservice and support services, renowned for our great! people, our great! Service, and our great! results. Our vision clearly states what business we’re in and focuses on being the best, “world class’, not simply the biggest.

At Compass Group we understand that our people are at the heart of our ability to deliver upon our vision. As such our values centre largely on creating a culture as a preferred employer.

We encourage our employees to embrace the company vision, values, mission and guiding principles with passion. Making them part of their everyday work, ingrained in to our organisational culture. We achieve this by ensuring that all employees are exposed to our vision, values, mission and guiding principles throughout their entire employment relationship and fully understand their involvement in contributing to the Compass Group culture.

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Our Commitment to Employee Development

Compass Group’s Learning and Development Policy clearly defines our commitment to training and developing initiatives that will ensure our employees achieve and maintain a high standard of job competence and personal satisfaction.

Our training and development opportunities focuses on enhancing skills, knowledge and attitudes in line with the current and future needs of the business. This includes a combination of formal qualifications from the NZQA framework and tailored job specific training.

We understand that we can source the best people but it is through the investment in their development that will make our people great!

Technical Training

From Chefs to Kitchen Hands, Baristas to Cleaners, the services that our employees deliver daily require unique technical skills necessary to ensuring that they are able to work safety, efficiently and be able to deliver upon our quality expectations. As such Compass Group is dedicated to comprehensive technical training for all employees.

Compass Group offers the following formal qualification programmes:

Modern Apprenticeships/Traineeships

The Modern Apprenticeship/Traineeship programme incorporates a range of practical and theoretical NZQA Unit Standards that result in the Apprentice gaining either a Level 3 or Level 4 National Qualification. At Compass we offer two forms of Modern Apprenticeship/Traineeship:

  • Food Service – 3 year Apprenticeship
  • Cookery – 18 to 36 month Apprenticeship

Limited Credit Programme (LCP)

There are three different forms of Limited Credit Programmes covering Food Preparation, Trayline and Café Retail. The LCP gives employees the foundation qualifications necessary to later complete a Level 2 NZQA Qualification. This programme is expected to take between 8 to 12 months and is accessible to all levels of employees.

NZQA Unit Standard 167 (Practice food safety methods in a food business)

The completion of this Unit Standard is a requirement for all Compass Group employees who will be involved with food handling and involves the employee attending a one day course.

NZQA Unit Standard 168 (Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards)

The completion of this Unit Standard is a requirement for all Compass Group supervisors and managers who will be overseeing food handling and involves the employee attending a one day course.

Barista Training

In partnership with Cerebos Gregg’s Limited Compass Group provides Barista training for employee’s that are involved in preparation and serving of espresso style coffee.


Compass Specific Training Compass College

Compass College is our internal e-learning system which offers a variety of learning and development opportunities for our employees. Compass College currently holds over 20 online e-learning modules that are allocated to employees based on their current role or for employees who as part of the succession planning process have been identified as requiring additional development in preparation for the next stage of their careers within Compass Group.

Customer Service Training

The company has developed a Customer Service Training programme unique to the business. Customer Service Champions have been carefully selected from within our business based on their commitment to and demonstration of customer service excellence.

The Customer Service Training programme is delivered in a one hour classroom format followed by six hours of on-the-job coaching. There is a debrief and a feedback session at the end of the coaching session.

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Management/Leadership Development Training

Site Manager Training Programme

The Site Manager Training Programme was developed to ensure that all Compass Site Managers have the skills necessary to operate an efficient workplace. The Site Manager training programme is assigned to all new Site Managers and is used as a development tool for employees in the business that have been identified as future Site Managers.

Generally, this training takes approximately 6-9 months to complete with an average of 1 hour spent per week. The training is delivered via 9 e-learning modules and a workbook that covers the operation of Compass Systems, staff management and food safety practices.

Management Development Workshops

Compass Group holds regular training workshops that are designed to provide Managers with additional skills required in their roles. The topics of the workshops are determined based on what is timely to current operational requirements with the intention that the skills Managers gain from the workshops attribute to the efficient management of our people and our commercial requirements.

Emerging Leaders

At Compass Group we are keen to identify the leaders of the future from within our existing talent pool. The Emerging Leaders Programme brings together ambitious and talented people from Compass around the world. The series of programmes offers selected employees a true insight into senior leadership and development on a professional and personal level, shaping the leaders of the future.

Mapping for Action and Mapping for Value

The development of leadership skills of managers is also a key objective of Compass Group. As such we fully implemented two global learning and development programmes called ‘Mapping for Value’ and ‘Mapping for Action’. These programmes are designed to embed the Compass’ business framework called ‘MAP’ (Management and Performance) deeper into the organisation.

This highly interactive programme enables our business leaders to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to help them accelerate the development and delivery of their MAP business plans.

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