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Our Offer

You’ll find us serving customers in offices and factories, schools and universities, hospitals and senior living communities and major sports and cultural venues.

We provide customised solutions to ensure the unique needs of every one of our customers are met.

Thousands of people around New Zealand rely on us every day to:

  • Provide their breakfast
  • Make their lattes and cappuccinos
  • Water their plants and mow their lawns
  • Serve their sandwiches, baguettes and snacks
  • Run help desks and security detail
  • Conduct routine maintenance
  • Cater for functions and events
  • Clean their offices and dining rooms
  • Provide all day vending and grazing solutions

Our Foodservice

figsCompass Group’s food offers range from contract catering, to consumer retail outlets, to Barista made espresso, texture modified meals for special care residents and vending solutions. No matter the situation or number of people, we deliver high quality, nutritionally complete meals prepared to strict quality criteria set by ourselves and our clients every time.

chickenWe recognise that every meal is an experience; that everyone’s tastes are different and that needs vary between individuals. Our dedicated front line customer service teams are supported by a dedicated and experienced professionals, which include our in-house team of nutritionists and dietitians, talented chefs including innovative consultant and celebrity chefs.

baguetteOur range of consumer brands offers a variety of food solutions that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations, whether it is a grab and go solution or a modern incarnation of a traditional Italian café. Compass Group’s range of specialist food service offerings ensures there is a consumner brand to meet any specific need and location.

Organisations outsource their foodservice to us because they recognise Compass Group can:

  • Improve the quality of their food offering
  • Enhance the consumer experience
  • Provide innovative menus and access to world-class culinary talent
  • Tap into years of local and international experience
  • Consistently deliver the highest health, nutrition, safety, environmental and quality standards
  • Tailor the offer to meet unique client circumstances and;
  • Drive flexibility through agile industry and subject matter specialists

See our range of food offers below:


delimarche-logo-black-and-greyDeliMarché brings freshness to life… fresh coffee, fresh pastries, fresh food!

With pastries baked on site and coffee served barista style, DeliMarché has a true continental feel. From cappuccinos to danishes to deli sandwiches, croissants and panini, DeliMarché offers something for everyone, whatever the time of day.

DeliMarché was developed as a result of the growth in continental coffee bars on the high street and the increasing demand for this type of retail café. DeliMarché is a fully branded retail offer with a high street look and feel.

An ideal solution for locations where people need fast and efficient service, yet premium, fresh food.

DeliMarché is best suited to locations that require:

  • A ‘high street’ appeal
  • A premium brand solution that offers high quality coffee, produce and service
  • A complete dining experience

delimarche-1 delimarche-2 delimarche-3


Flavours-brand-assets_D1Flavours is a vibrant food servery solution designed to stand out from the crowd in fast moving, diverse food service environments.

Flavours offers a brand that is bright, full of ambience and deliberately not ‘too corporate’ in its style. It is designed to appeal to a younger workforce/customer base or the ‘young at heart’ where a contemporary food service solution is sought.

Flavours is readily identified by its bold signature colours that enhance the sense of freshness. Ideal to implement within food serveries where a striking, branded solution is required. It will retro-fit and provide a low-cost ‘front of house’ refurbishment with real impact.

Flavours is best suited to:

  • Young adult environments
  • Polytechnics & universities
  • Call centres

juice  sandwich2fruit-pods


steamplicity-logoWe have developed Steamplicity as an internationally renowned food preparation system designed to improve the quality of food and service in healthcare, senior living and community settings.

Medirest our specialist healthcare food service operating division widely use Steamplicity for in-patient, day stay and meals on wheels.  Opportunities for retail customers to utilise Steamplicity are currently being explored. Steamplicity maintains the freshness and flavour of food while giving you greater choice and flexibility at mealtimes.

Steamplicity meals are cooked to perfection in just 3 to 5 minutes using a unique patented valve system that uses steam pressure to perfectly cook fresh ingredients. This means the ingredients retain their natural flavour making the meals more delicious and more nutritious. Best of all they are cooked fresh when you want them.

The steam-cook method is recognised by nutritionists, dietitians and healthcare professionals as one of the healthiest ways to prepare food.

Steamplicity provides freshly cooked appetising meals directly to patients, visitors and staff in minutes:

  • Great meals which appeal to all tastes
  • Enjoyable, visually attractive, tasty food
  • Cooked within minutes of you being ready to eat your meal
  • Over 20 menu choice ensures you never get bored
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes approved by accredited practicing dietitians
  • Consistent quality every time
  • The highest quality ingredients provided by selected suppliers who must conform to strict quality standards.

For information about Steamplicity, please visit

Hot Wok

hot-wok-logoAn Asian inspired grill station!

Our Hot Wok brand brings energy and flavours to locations where an Asian inspired menu offer will be enjoyed.

The healthy, cooked fresh-to-order menu offers clientele the ability to select ingredients and create their own dishes including ingredients ranging from three styles of noodles, six choices of protein and three styles of sauce.

The selected combination of ingredients is then stir fried in the hot wok with a blend of crunchy Asian style vegetables in view of customers and served steaming hot in a traditional noodle box with chopsticks. Clear and easy to read menus give advice on nominating a preferred combination of ingredients in a straightforward step 1, step 2 approach.

This provides consumer control over the ingredients in their dish and additional menu choice, while introducing an element of theatre into the meal service.

Also available is a selection of classic dishes from around Asia that are again freshly cooked – these include, Cantonese beef, chicken pad Thai, five spiced chicken with Chinese cabbage and bean sprout, Szechwan chicken, stir fried tofu and cashew nuts and teriyaki beef.

The Hot Wok design and menu offer are highly flexible allowing it to be implemented into almost any available floor plan whether part of a food court, as a stand alone outlet or in modular format as part of a cafe menu offer.

hot-wok1 hw2 hw3

Modern Cafe

Modern Café embraces bright colours and tactile textures to create a contemporary café look for workplaces.

The Modern Café concept is a design concept and not a brand. It therefore has flexibility to be tailored to a site environment to offer a bespoke solution.

The Modern Café concept plays on the warmth of natural earthy textures with modern classic colours, giving the café a contemporary and down-to-earth look and feel.

This modern and earthy look is achieved through the use of contrasting neutral and bright colour palettes, natural textures and premium food photography with rustic features.

The designs are flexible, allowing them to fit into a variety of retail environments and are complemented by a mixture of stylish point of sale signage.

Modern Café provides great menu options by using fresh quality products to create signature items that are sure to appeal to all appetites. The concept also ensures our clients are up-to-date with the latest function offerings through our seasonal menu launches.

modern-2modern-1 modern-3