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Our Culinary Approach

Compass Group are dedicated to great food and great service, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve all of our offerings. Innovation is key to us maintaining our market leading position, and in making sure we are able to offer you with only the best solutions for your needs.

Our Culinary Skills

We haven’t become New Zealand’s market leader in contract catering services by resting on our laurels – we are always innovating to keep our offer fresh and innovative. Key to this is the continual development of the culinary skills of our chefs and their teams.

Our global network of chefs ensures we are always embracing the latest international trends in gastronomy and we are able to draw on the talent and experience of some of the most well-known and respected names in the business to deliver our clients world class culinary experiences.

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Culinary Programs

Compass Group prides itself on offering our clients a suite of culinary programs – whether the focus is on nutrition, menus designed with environmental concerns in mind or offering a menu prepared by a world class celebrity chef, we can have an existing culinary program to fit any requirement.

Some culinary programs are suitable for wide ranging application to multiple industry categories such as our Health and Wellbeing program NutritiousLife, others are sector specific, for example Dietcare, that is widely used in our Healthcare portfolio.

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DietCare is our complete package of resources specific to assisted care residents, to ensure the nutritional needs of  residents are met, and help them to reduce the risk of diet related diseases.

Meeting the nutritional needs of our residents is key to providing a quality food service.  Unique to Medirest, DietCare provides a complete program of resources specific to senior living residents to ensure nutritional needs are met.

DietCare looks at the food service process from preparation in the kitchen through to meal consumption consisting of three main components:

  • Dietetic standards
    This includes how we cater for residents requiring specialised diets.  For example, high energy high protein diets, diabetic diets and those requiring thickened fluids.
  • Diet order and diet review standards
    This involves the review of current diet ordering processes onsite and the implementation, if necessary, of DietCare forms and procedures.
  • Menu, Recipe and Service Standards
    This includes menu planning standards, menu templates and standard serve sizes.

How does DietCare benefit our clients?

  • Facilitates a smooth flow of information from the care staff to the food service staff.
  • Closes the loop in terms of a resident’s diet, changes to a diet and monitoring the consumption of the food itself.
  • Assists to identify any weight loss/malnutrition issues via the monitoring of food consumption.
  • Ensures residents with specific dietary requirements (i.e. diabetics, texture modified diets) receive the appropriate foods.
  • Complies with the Aged Care Accreditation Standards.
  • Standardised approach enables nutritional content of meals and snacks is available.
  • Integrated dietetic and food service systems and protocols.

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Signature Menus

We are passionate about creating authentic food from scratch; allowing fresh, seasonally sourced and authentic ingredients to speak for themselves.

In addition to providing seasonal signature menus, many of our specialty, celebrity or Executive chefs also add their culinary touch to one-off menus for our clients’ VIP events and functions.

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Compass Group’s health and wellbeing program developed in house by a team of passionate and experienced dieticians is called Nutritious Life.

Nutritious Life really does change lives as it teaches our customers about good nutrition and leading a healthy life style in a simple way. We have developed practical guidelines for making healthy choices. Nutritious Life sites must comply with a range of nutrition standards and most importantly healthy foods must be readily available. Customers can easily identify the ‘healthy choice’ of the day by labelling on the menu which will clearly indicate the dishes as Eat Most, Eat Moderately, Eat Less.

Led by our National Dietician, the Nutritious Life program includes:

  • Healthy eating seminars conducted on as requested/as needed basis
  • Training for our chefs and food service staff in the Nutritious Life requirements
  • A dedicated Nutritious Life recipe book providing ideas and inspiration for tasty and innovative healthy dishes
  • Monthly updates and recipe ideas
  • Monthly promotional material for the month including:
  • Eye catching table talkers which are placed on dining tables
  • Posters with short simple messages designed specifically for the customer group
  • Bi-annual audit is conducted by one of our in-house dieticians to assess the compliance with Nutritious Life program
  • Taste life weight loss challenge (optional)


steamplicity-logoWe have developed Steamplicity, an award winning food preparation system designed to improve the quality of food and service standards in residential care, senior living and community settings.

Widely used in our Healthcare business, specifically hospitals for patient feeding, the technology will shortly release as a retail meal option suitable for vending, grab and go and convenience offers. Steamplicity maintains the freshness and flavour of food while giving you greater choice and flexibility at mealtimes.

Steamplicity meals are cooked to perfection in just 3 to 5 minutes using a unique patented valve system that uses steam pressure to perfectly cook fresh ingredients. This means the ingredients retain their natural flavour making the meals more delicious and more nutritious. Best of all they are cooked fresh when you want them.

The steam-cook method is recognised by nutritionists, dietitians and healthcare professionals as one of the healthiest ways to prepare food.

Steamplicity provides freshly cooked appetising meals directly to patients, visitors and staff in minutes:

  • Great meals which appeal to all tastes
  • Enjoyable, visually attractive, tasty food
  • Cooked within minutes of you being ready to eat your meal
  • Over 20 menu choice ensures you never get bored
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes approved by accredited practicing dietitians
  • Effortless quality and consistency every time
  • The freshest ingredients.

For information about Steamplicity, please visit