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December 5, 2017

Thumbs up for aged care pilot

MEDIREST’s Senior Living team has rolled out a pilot initiative to Christchurch-based Nurse Maude, to explore village residents’ response to a fresh approach around texture-modified meals.

The Let’s Enjoy project has received positive feedback from village residents, careworkers and nursing staff.

Texture modified meals are an important part of some resident’s care, perhaps needed after a stroke or if they have swallowing conditions. Dietitian Yuhan Zhang and the team have been working with The Pure Foods Co to develop and introduce moulding technology to improve residents’ experience of the food.

“The moulds enable residents to make the visual connection to what the food is, which should enhance flavour recognition and stimulate appetite.

“The specialised texture modified food prepared by The Pure Foods Co is full of nutrition, great flavours and the right texture. We have had very positive comments about taste, texture and presentation.”

By presenting the food as moulds, the team expects to see a more positive perception of the food, as well as improved verbal interaction between care staff and residents, among other benefits.

“A very positive outcome has been around resident satisfaction and reduced plate waste. Overall, residents are served a smaller portion size, but they are protein and energy fortified to provide more nutrition per mouthful. Within the first week of the pilot, we observed residents who had smaller appetites finish their meals. This benefits the residents and our environment (through reduced plate / food waste).”

Nurse Maude’s Helen Brown adds, “We have used Pure Foods Co in our shops for a very long time and are aware of the quality. The moulding Compass is doing gives our residents on Pure Food diets a bit more ‘normality’ in their day. It is great for the resident both mentally that they can tell what the product is once it is moulded and of course nutritionally.”

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