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March 30, 2017

Massey University first to benefit from technology solutions

MASSEY University students and staff will benefit from one of the country’s most flexible on-site food services payment options in New Zealand.

Compass Group New Zealand (Compass) introduced the #itsyourchoice food services payment offering to the Albany and Manawatu campuses, in response to increased demand for more flexibility and choice around meals on campus.

“The university asked us to come up with a more flexible approach to paying and choosing meals at each campus. In response, we developed the ‘Residents Declining Balance’ (RDB) card, allowing Halls of Residence students to view and manage their daily food allowance in real time,” says Education, National Operations Manager, Cara Ferris.

“The traditional way of eating in a hall is to be told when to arrive in time to eat a set meal. This works well for some students, but many others want more flexibility.

“RDB gives them a monetary ‘allowance’, for example $10 for breakfast. Then, if they choose not to have breakfast they can use their $10 balance on the card to buy food from any campus eatery at any time of that day– Streat, Treat, The Bread Co., Must.Have.Coffee and The Sandwich Company. This gives them so much more choice and flexibility for the students to fit their meals times in with their busy study schedule!”

The eateries were designed and aligned with a more modern retail food offering that millennials are familiar with – the days of institutionalised catering are changing and the timing to create a real change in the way food is presented, tastes and served, was ideal.

Another new option is for students and staff to buy a MyMasseyMoney card, which allows them to top up an account to use for buying food on campus.

“This is a flexible, easy and new-to-market technology solution that allows payment with Massey ID Cards,” says Cara.

Approximately 600 Manawatu and 200 Albany Halls of Residence students enjoy fresh flavours, wholesome food and great coffee at campus cafés. The eateries were launched in time for Orientation Week as Compass and university staff welcomed students to the new academic year.



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