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December 9, 2016

Meals on Wheels gets thumbs-up

Dunedin’s Meals on Wheels Volunteer Drivers test drive the new menu.

Meals on Wheels (MoW) volunteer drivers – invited to give Compass Group’s new MoW menu a test drive at a Dunedin Hospital tasting session this week – have given the new menu a big thumbs-up.

Created by Compass Group’s Medirest specialist team, the menu was tested on Monday 28 November making Dunedin one of the first cities in New Zealand to enjoy the new meals.

“We genuinely wanted to hear drivers’ feedback and are delighted with their response. We had a number of positive conversations about the menu during the tasting,” says Medirest National Development and Innovation Manager Lauren Scott, adding that about 30 drivers attended indicating a high level of interest from local residents around the quality of the new menu.

“Within one day we also received a number of calls from people saying how good the meals are and that it is the ‘best change ever’.”

Compass Group regularly reviews and updates its services and menus, including Meals on Wheels.

“We do this to ensure variety of taste, to be responsive to our clients’ needs (and their stakeholders’ feedback) and to act on any feedback we receive,” says Ms Scott.

In line with this, Compass Group gathered feedback from the drivers, recipients, health professionals and community groups to create the new menu. The company also has a new supplier on board that specialises in ready-to-eat meals for older people, including expertise in cooking nutritious dishes using more ‘home-style’ methods.

Compass Group will begin serving Southern District Health Board recipients the new menu from this week. The menu includes currently popular dishes, as well as refreshed meals including: mashed or roast potato replacing the less popular scalloped potato; more slow-cooked meals such as casseroles; and increased choice.

Ms Scott adds, “Because this menu is very much based on recipients’ feedback, including a selection of their favourite meal choices, we are confident they will enjoy it. We invite them to tell us what they think about the menu.”

A tasting session was also held for Invercargill’s volunteer drivers to try out the new menu, as well as to give the company their feedback on taste and quality.

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