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December 9, 2016

Middlemore team spreads cheer

Compass Group’s Food Services Coordinator Sherry Ning adds the finishing touches to her festive beverage trolley.

Compass Group’s great team of Food Service Associates (FSAs) is always keen to brighten up a patient’s day at Middlemore Hospital.

The team recently decorated its beverage trolleys to celebrate the upcoming festive season. Food Services Coordinator Sherry Ning says patients appreciate the team’s special efforts to make food and beverage service fun.

“We always try to have a nice time at  work and do many different things for patients, such as dressing up on Halloween. The patients really enjoy it and it helps to brighten up their day,” says Sherry.

“Our team likes working directly with each patient as it helps us to really understand their needs around food and service.”

As part of their duties, the FSAs take meal orders at the patient’s bedside each day and area always happy to answer questions about the food and meals, using pictures and ingredient lists.

They use smart technology in the form of an electronic tablet ensuring that meals can be ordered closer to delivery time, while linking patients to options suited to their dietary needs. The system also increases order accuracy.

Sherry adds, “It is a great system as it helps us to be more accurate, supports us with meal planning and gives much better food service overall. All of this contributes to the patient’s experience of our food and services.”

Bright trolleys for all to enjoy.

Bright trolleys for all to enjoy.

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